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About BelCom, Inc.

BelCom, Inc. Physical Security is an experienced Bloomington, MN based security services company. We provide armed and unarmed security guard services for clients throughout Minnesota and the Twin Cities.


In today's fast-paced world where security has become a major concern, having security personnel around has never been timelier. Security guards give a sense of safety. Whether it is your office, event, mall, place of worship, etc, our priority is safety.


Our team will work with you to provide professionally trained security guards and solutions you need to get the job done right. With over 30 years of public safety and private security, and vast experience in training and operations we will provide the highest quality security guards and customer service.


Our Mission

Is to provide accountable operations trusted for quality protective services.

Our service model is based upon a commitment to accessible, responsible, and accountable management practices. Our multifaceted company is here to assist by providing State of Minnesota Private Detective and Protective Agent Board licensed and certified security services and training courses. 


Why Choose Our

Security Guards?

Our armed security guards are former, current, or future law enforcement officers, meaning they are highly trained and skilled security officers, so your safety is never a matter of concern.  Our guards are adept in protecting the life and property of our clients from harm.


Whether armed or unarmed our guards are trained in tactful ways of handling situations. This is necessary as sometimes there might be visitors or customers who misunderstand when questioned or checked by a security person and our security officers understand these details.


All our officers have excellent observational skills. Our security personnel are physically and mentally alert allowing them to handle emergency situations well. This is a quality which helps our security personnel to distinguish between suspicious behavior and innocent behavior.

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BelCom, Inc. is licensed by the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agents and is fully insured. All our officers are trained through state certified courses.


Client Testimonials

Working with PS Security makes my job easier. We've worked together for almost a year now and the company management goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. They are easy to get a hold of and it's good to have a company you can trust. Tammy is a great person to work with
and has an enjoyable personality. I would definitely recommend using PS Security for all your security needs.

Bob Feldman 

BelCom Inc. Client 


Here to keep you safe.